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  1. The Seller guarantees its goods against any defects in manufacturing or materials which come to light within ten (10) years of delivery to the Buyer.
  2. The Periods specified in paragraph (1) above is hereinafter referred to as the “guarantee period”.
  3. The Seller’s obligations under this guarantee are limited:
    For goods: to repairing or, at the Seller’s discretion, replacing defective products or parts thereof in order to remedy any defects in the goods which may come to light in normal conditions of use during the guarantee period.
  4. If, during the guarantee period, the Buyer discovers a defect in goods or poor quality in certain services, the Buyer should immediately inform the Seller and make every effort to provide the Seller with all the necessary information and details to enable the Seller and its agents to verify the validity of the grievances raised and to determine the nature and causes of the defect or poor service quality. For the Seller to be able to proceed with all necessary verifications and put right the issues noted, the Buyer, at the Seller’s request, return to the Seller the goods in question following the RMA Return Merchandise Authorization system procedure.
  5. This guarantee does not apply to defects in goods or poor service quality arising from:
    i. Any assembly, storage, use, maintenance or repair of the goods which the Seller deems, in all good faith, to be improper.
    ii. Any alteration to the goods carried out, on the initiative of the Buyer, users of the goods (or products into which they have been incorporated) or any third party acting at the request of the Buyer or such users, or of the end user, unless this alteration has been expressly authorised in writing by the Seller.
    iii. Any other act for which the Buyer or a third party are personally liable.
  6. The Seller will not be liable for loss or damage resulting from erroneous or incomplete information provided by the Buyer relating to the specifications of the goods or services, or to the use for which they are intended.
  7. The guarantee imposes no obligations on the Seller in respect of defects or capital losses arising from accidents during transport occurring in conditions beyond the Seller’s control, or due to normal wear and tear, accidents, lack of care, inappropriate use, damp, abnormal temperatures or any other cause or circumstance beyond the Seller’s control.
  8. In the event of the replacement or repair of defective goods under this guarantee, the provisions of the guarantee will apply to the repaired or replaced goods, for the period left to run on the original guarantee, which may not be longer than six months counting from the repair, replacement of the goods.
  9. The Seller will not be bound by the guarantee obligations stipulated above if it is impracticable or dangerous to carry them out.
  10. The obligations arising from the provisions above cease on expiry of the guarantee period.