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€ 663.00 – € 1,338.00 HT

  • High Sensitivity
  • Very Fast Response with Light and Middle Distillates
  • Sensitive to Heavy Oils and Hydrocarbon Vapors
  • Leak Location on Section Length
  • Re-usable and Pre-connected Cable
  • Suitable for Explosive Area Service
  • Insensitive to Water and Inorganic Pollutants
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FG-ODC is a digital sense cable for the detection and location of liquid hydrocarbons and liquid insoluble in water and their vapors, along the entire length.
It allows multiple leak detection and location thanks to independent digital addressing, enabled by an embedded microchip in each FG-ODC sense cable.
The sensor element is optimized for a very fast response with light to middle distillates. It is sensitive to heavy oils such as conventional crude oils, dilbit/synbit, as well as to hydrocarbon vapors.
Re-usable after leak detection.
Can be installed in a humid environment, as it is insensitive to water and inorganic contamination

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